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Mobile Service

We are excited to offer on site dental hygiene care to you or your loved ones.  Don’t avoid having your teeth cleaned because of busy lifestyle, fear or lack of mobility.  Let us come see you and clean your teeth in a comfortable and convenient way…in the comfort of your own home.

Nervous Kids?

Is your child nervous in the typical office setting?  Does your child have dentistry done under anesthetic?  Perhaps your child has Autism? In all these situations a home visit helps to alleviate these fears.  We have prepared a social story “Bear has clean teeth” that will help prepare your child for our visit to your home.

Our Goal

We aim to provide personalized service giving an opportunity for all people in our community to have a healthy and bright smile. We are devoted to provide a dental appointment that is easy to access and is an enjoyable and learning experience that makes you smile with pride!!  When you smile…..I smile!!!

We accept all dental Insurances including ODSP (Ontario disability), OW(Ontario works) and Healthy Smiles Ontario program.  We process your claim for you.  There are no extra fees for our mobile service.

Oral Health Assessments

We review of your medical and dental histories, including medications and blood pressure.  Many medical conditions and medications can have an effect on your mouth and your dental hygiene treatment.  A complete intra-oral and extra-oral examination, periodontal charting and oral cancer screening will be done to determine your current oral health status. These results along with your oral health goals will enable us to develop your personalized treatment plan.

Oral Cancer Screening

Thousands of Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer every year.  If detected early there is an 80 to 90% survival rate.  This is why we believe in performing an oral cancer screening of the head, neck, face and mouth at every visit.  If required a referral to a specialist will be done.

Teeth Cleaning – Scaling and Polishing

We remove plaque, tartar and stain debris from your teeth by use of scaling, root planning and polishing.   The mobile unit we bring has the water, suction, ultrasonic scaler and polishing motor.  We bring everything we need to clean your teeth while you sit comfortably in your own home.

Therapeutic Periodontal Maintenance

This involves scaling and root planning of the teeth to address different stages of periodontal disease. In cases where you may feel discomfort during teeth scaling we can apply a solution that numbs your gums to make cleaning more comfortable for you.

Teeth Whitening

Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile with little to no sensitivity.  A neutral-based gel is applied to the teeth and this gel is 100% pure, with no fillers or additives and contains no animal by-products.  A thorough examination, including a shade assessment will determine if you are a suitable candidate.  Choose from your many options of achieving the white smile you have been dreaming of in a way that works for you.

Oral Health Instruction and Education

Not everyone is the same.  Some people may have additional needs when it comes to their home care routine.  We will work with you to develop a personalized home care program.  This may include assisting your care giver on how to provide you with the oral care you need. We will introduce you to new homecare aids and commercial products that may assist you with any concerns you may have.    Professional dental cleanings, combined with good home care between visits, is essential to achieving and maintaining optimal oral health.


We offer in-office and home care solutions to reduce tooth sensitivity.  This treatment will allow you to eat and drink the things you’ve been avoiding.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

A topical antimicrobial liquid is applied to the teeth to stop decay and treat sensitivity.  A great option for housebound seniors, young children or anyone who cannot make it to the dentist or sit through a filling appointment.  Silver Diamine Fluoride is an easy, quick and affordable treatment.

Interim Stabilization Technique

When cavities are present, a temporary filling, made of fluoride-releasing glass ionomer cement, may be placed until you can be seen by a dentist.  This helps to stop decay from progressing, prevents pain and may prevent early tooth loss due to decay.

Pit and Fissure Sealants

Pits and fissures are the grooves that form naturally on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.  These grooves can be deep and difficult to keep clean, making them more apt to decay.  A thin resin material can be applied to these pits and fissures to “seal” out food and bacteria and prevent cavities.  This is a quick, easy and painless procedure which does not require any freezing or drilling.

Denture Services

Denture wearers can also benefit from services of a dental hygienist.  Fit and function of your denture will be assessed, along with an examination of the underlying tissues and an oral cancer screening.  We can remove tartar and stain with solutions in an ultrasonic bath so that your dentures look and feel better.  Relines, repairs and replacements can be referred to a mobile or in-office denturist

Infection Control

Infection control is an important and serious component of our standard of practice. All clinical procedures along with cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization of equipment and instruments are performed with strict adherence to our infection control protocol developed from guidelines set out by The College of Dental Hygienists.

Gum disease and Overall Health

The mouth is often treated separate from the rest of the body and science is just beginning to gain a better understanding of the link between oral and overall health.  Systemic conditions, medication, stress, habits, nutrition, and lifestyle can all increase your susceptibility to dental disease, and this can in-turn affect overall health and well-being.  Our oral health is the gateway to our overall health.

Member of the ODHA, you can be confident your receiving proper training and services from a competent professional.

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