Wicked White

Wicked White

Join the wicked white revolution today!!

Wicked White is a unique tooth whitening system that provides you with a much brighter smile without the sensitivity. Whether you choose our Wicked White HOME or PRO our systems deliver results that are sure to make you smile.

Get the immediate results you have been looking for from our WICKED WHITE PRO.  This is a chair side whitening system that allows us to help you achieve your brightest and whitest smile in just under 2 hours.  No trays, sensitivity, or spending money on systems you don’t follow through with.   Your smile is something to be proud of so share it with others

Wicked White HOME is a system that can whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. When and where you want.  We have 3 options for home whitening ranging in price so there is sure to be one to meet your budget.  They all work to assist you in achieving that beautiful smile you are looking for but each option varies in the time it takes and price.

All of our gels contain the finest ingredients without any harsh chemicals, preservatives or animal bi products. Thanks to our neutral based pH, you will not experience irritating sensitivity or “zingers”. Get the brighter smile you have always wanted.

The Wicked White Extender Pen can be used in the comfort of your home after your in-office treatment to maximize results or between touch ups to keep teeth bright. 

This kit contain our pretreatment spray that helps break down and remove stubborn stains prior to whitening to give your quicker, longer lasting results. Our thermofitting trays help contain the gel during the whitening process while, our gel helps bleach out those stubborn stains giving you a whiter smile in just minutes a day.  Usual recommendation is 30min daily for 2 weeks.

This kit is an LED light activated whitening system formultated to remove tooth discolourations and lighten your existing tooth colour.  This kit will increase the whiteness of your teeth 3-5 shades in only 5 days.

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